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Supernatural Power for Everyday People

Experiencing God’s Extraordinary Spirit in Your Ordinary Life

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Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

Acclaimed writer and pastor Jared C. Wilson reveals how God has a plan for you that involves doing the ordinary, mundane stuff of life in a supernatural way.

Acclaimed writer and pastor Jared C. Wilson reveals how God has a plan for you that involves doing the ordinary, mundane stuff of life in a supernatural way.

Would it change your life to know that there is a way to live your everyday life supernaturally? Most of us would say “yes,” and Jared C. Wilson’s new book reveals how. For the homemaker wondering how to get through the stress of washing dishes and making meals nobody seems to appreciate; for the cubicle jockey punching her time-card every day wondering if what she does really matters; for the teacher or leader wondering if he is making an impact; for the student afraid of the future; for every believer struggling to get through daily life, Supernatural Power for Everyday People offers the hope of meaning and purpose, and also the promise of power. We can get beyond just “getting by." We can prevail and live a life of far more joy, contentment, and peace than we ever thought possible.

A practical book written in a devotional tone, Supernatural Power for Everyday People shows readers how to rely more fully on the power of the Holy Spirit for growth and satisfaction in their lives.

Contributor(s) Jared C. Wilson
About the Contributor(s) Jared C. Wilson

Jared C. Wilson is the director of content strategy at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, and managing editor of the seminary's website for gospel-centered resources, For the Church. He is a popular author and conference speaker, and also blogs regularly at the Gospel Coalition. His books include Your Jesus Is Too Safe, Gospel Wakefulness, The Story of Everything, Unparalleled, and The Imperfect Disciple.

ISBN-10 0718097505
ISBN-13 9780718097509
Publish Date Jan 23, 2018
Weight (lbs) 0.6500
Length 224
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $16.99
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Jordan
Overall Rating
[Note: This book was provided free of charge by BookLook Bloggers/Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review.]

Supernatural Power for Everyday People is vintage Jared Wilson. Over the course of time as I've grown more as a reader, Wilson has become among my favorite contemporary authors. From theological heavyweights like Gospel Deeps to works of fiction like Otherworld, Wilson can flat-out write. And his giftedness is on full display in this, his most recent work. 

I found myself experiencing mingled emotions as I worked my way through this book. Wilson's writing is so dynamic that his books, including this one, can be aptly described as  "page-turners." Though this moniker speaks highly of the author's skill, this sort of dynamic writing results in a rather quick reading of the book. Again, this speaks highly of the author and the book that he/she produced. However, I've found that this also produces a sort of grief for the reader, a lament over the "here and gone in a blink" interaction with such a fine work. One day the reader feels the breeze of quick-turning pages, and the next day that breeze goes calm as the final page is turned. Such is the delight of enjoying a well-written book. 

This was my experience with Supernatural Power -- a book come and gone too fast. In it, Wilson attempts to "tackle" a massive topic, the Holy Spirit. Rather, as he rightly and biblically argues in the book, not the topic of the Holy Spirit but the person of the Holy Spirit. He systematically works his way through various topics pertaining to the work of the Holy Spirit, topics such as Bible reading, prayer, and fasting, among several other things. In fact, I found myself often finding a familiarity in this book with another important book that I recently finished, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Don Whitney. Much of what's found within both of these books complement one another quite beautifully. One of the things that I most enjoyed about Supernatural Power is that Wilson approached the topic with an entirely biblical agenda. Each chapter is soaked in the Bible -- one could also say soaked in the Spirit -- which I find to be of supreme importance when teaching on the Holy Spirit because of the mounds of unbiblical and heretical teaching currently resting on many bookshelves. But here you'll find biblically sound teaching. In true Wilson fashion, this book is distinctly biblical, it's helpful, and every now and then you'll come across a sentence that makes you laugh out loud, chuckle under your breath (my wife teases me for the way I audibly react to Wilson's writing), and/or shake your head at how well-crafted it is -- it's just downright good.

Go pick this book up, and while you're at it, get everything else Wilson has written as well.  (Posted on 2/5/2018)

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