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NIrV Love Letters from God Holy Bible, Hardcover


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Format: Hardcover

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Quick Overview:

The NIrV Love Letters from God Bible, with letters written by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp, includes 80 love letters from God written especially for the reader and the full text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV). This translation is the perfect way to introduce children to the Bible and God's great love for them.

What if a child could read his or her own personal mail from God? The NIrV Love Letters from God Bible will invite kids to do just that! This full-text Bible in the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) is the perfect way to introduce children to God’s Word and his great love. With 80 love letters from God written especially for the reader, children will see Bible stories and themes come to life and learn just how much they are loved by their Creator.

Each love letter also contains a very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Wonderful Words to You. Much more than a mere memory verse, each carefully chosen promise will be God’s very own personal words of love, encouragement, and hope, and are highlighted in the text. The love letters will culminate in an invitation for the children to write their own RSVP to God.

Features include:

  • 80 personal love letters from God
  • Highlighted Wonderful Words—special verses to remember and cherish
  • 80 prompts encouraging children to write their own love letters to God
  • 8 full-color tip-in pages with additional content
  • The complete text of the New International Reader's Version (NIrV),written at third grade reading level.
UPC 025986743253
ISBN-10 0310743257
ISBN-13 9780310743255
Publish Date Oct 4, 2016
Weight (lbs) 1.1110
Height 8.50
Width 5.50
Length 1248
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zonderkidz
Price $27.99
Series Love Letters from God
Format Hardcover
Features Maps/Charts, Ribbon Marker
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by samantha
Overall Rating
What if your child could read personal mail from God? With 80 love letters from God written especially for young readers, they can! Cherish the time alongside your children as Bible stories come to life while they learn just how much they are loved by their creator.

Each carefully chosen love letter, Bible verse, and promise show God's special words of encouragement and hope, culminating in an invitation for your children to write their own RSVP to God.

One of the first thing I noticed with this Bible is the beautifully illustrated cover. It's done in a way that makes you want to open it to see what it's like inside.
Upon opening this Bible, the first thing you'll find is a full-color presentation page which is perfect for gift giving. I love when Bibles have this section, because it's such a wonderful way to look back and remember exactly how that particular Bible made it into your life. You'll also find a full-color page on how to use this Bible as well.

This Bible is filled with 80 personal love letters from God, as well as 80 prompts that are designed to encourage children to write their own letters to God. The very first letter from God you'll find in this Bible is in the book of Genesis. In this letter, God is asking the children if they love making things and he tells him how his creation made him happy. Right beside the letter is a space where the child can write back. The prompt for this reply is asking your child to write a letter to God telling him about something they made (a story, painting, science project, etc.). Then it wraps up with God's Wonderful Words to You which is a Bible verse specific to the letter. Not only is this shown on the bottom of the page of the letter, but it's also highlighted in the Bible. The very first verse you'll find highlighted is:

"God saw everything he had made. And it was very good." -Genesis 1:31

You'll also find 8-full color inserts with additional content throughout this Bible such as:
• The Ten Commandments
• What Is...
• How to Pray
• Getting to know Jesus
• ABCs of Christianity
• Your Invitation

Some of the color inserts end with a "Write Back" section. This once again is encouraging the child to write a letter to God. For example, at the bottom of the "What Is" page, it asks if any of the words listed were new to them, and if they were then write to God and tell him what they've learned.

You'll also find 7 full-color maps:
• World of the Patriarchs
• Exodus and Conquest of Canaan
• Land of the Twelve Tribes
• Kingdom of David and Solomon
• Jesus' Ministry
• Paul's Missionary Journeys
• Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

This is such an amazing Bible. One that simply encourages and shows your child just how easy it is to talk to God. It lets them see that they can come to God about anything and talk to him like he's a friend.

**I was sent a copy of this Bible free of charge. All opinions are my own. (Posted on 11/6/2016)
Review by The IE Mommy
Overall Rating
The Bible in itself is essentially a love letter from God, but what is great about this NIrV Love Letters from God Holy Bible is that Glenys Nellist has written 80 Love Letters to add throughout this Bible that help make God’s love a little more tangible for children. She writes in a way that really helps draw the whole picture.

Let me be honest, a lot of time when I am reading the Bible I feel like I am not exactly sure how these verses apply to me. I am learning more and more how to study the Bible by itself, but for a child I think reading these Love Letters will help them.

I enjoyed reading one Love Letter about Galatians 5:22 which is about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. First Glenys Nellist talks about trees and real fruit, then the fruits of the Holy Spirit and connects how these are things that we grow. It was a simple connection, yet so helpful. There is also a section on each page with the Love Letter for your child to write back to God. The area to write back is small so maybe they could write in a prayer journal to have more room, but there is a prompted question as to what to write back to God. Sometimes it can be to think about things and write or there will be things to go do. For example, the one for Ephesians 6:14-17, one of my favorite verses, suggests “putting on all six invisible pieces of God’s armor and then write and tell God how it helped during the day.” I think this will help them link what they have read with how they live.

I do wish that the pages with the Love letters stood out more, were bold in color or thicker pages. I could see how children would want to flip through and read several of these letters at a time. I also wish there were more than 80 Love Letters and more room to write. Overall I think the NIrV Love Letters from God Holy Bible is a great Bible for children! (Posted on 10/27/2016)
Review by Fitzysmom
Overall Rating
What's better than getting a sweet letter from a beloved family member? Not much if you ask me. It is such a gift that you can savor over and over again. That's exactly what the Bible should be to us, a sweet letter from our Father. Each time you open its covers words of wisdom just pour out begging you to take them to heart and live your life accordingly.

The NIrV Love Letters from God has 80 love letters from God that are designed to point to important attributes of God and get the reader to respond back. We've enjoyed Glenys Nellist's books that have taken this same theme and are thrilled with this brilliant way to get children to not only learn more about what the Bible contains but also to interact with it.

This Bible just begs to be given as a gift to that special child in your life. I know who I have in mind and I intend to systematically go through and write that child's name into each of the 80 blanks so that she will feel that the letters were meant especially for her.

The holidays are fast approaching and I think this would make a wonderful gift for the developing reader on your list. Remember that the NIrV is written at a third grade reading level so it is easily understood and gives confidence to the young reader. By the way if you're looking for something just a little nicer than the hardcover edition there is a darling imitation leather version in the color of magenta!

I received a copy of this Bible to facilitate my review. (Posted on 10/17/2016)
Review by Praises of a Wife and Mommy
Overall Rating
I do enjoy the NiRV translation Bible for my kids and I so this is a great one to give to your developed readers, like 8 and above. Beyond an awesome Bible with easy to understand translation I absolutely admire the section of love letters. How awesome it is for kids to really connect with Daddy God and get them in a good habit to write Him back. There are 80 different topics to help kids write a letter back after they have read a touching 80 letters just for them from God. I really think these love letters will inspire and touch kids of all ages and God's Holy Spirit will probably time these letters just perfectly in kids lives.

I really enjoyed that they highlighted some scriptures however I was very disappointed as the highlight is way too light. I really had to do several double checks trying to find one and then realized they are in such a light blue hue that it is very hard for the eye to catch. I know they didn't want it to bleed through the paper however I think many kids see their parents Bibles are highlighted so they probably would be excited that someone has highlighted some important scriptures for them. I am considering go back through with a highlighter... or allowing my kids to do it when they find one!

Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine. (Posted on 10/3/2016)
Review by PENNY M
Overall Rating
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box and pulled out this Bible was the inviting cover. Just seeing the lovely illustrations on the front made me want to open it. Inside I found an explanations of the NIrV version and why the publisher chose to use this edition. There is also a page of contents, a presentation page, and colorful maps. But the real beauty is in the "Your Love Letter from God" pages and the colorful inserts that give the reader explanations of Biblical principles. The letters from God are written by Glenys Nellist, who has written several beautiful books for children. There is also a place for the reader to write a letter back to God and a place in the back for notes. This would be an excellent Bible for a child who has given their life to Jesus or one who wants to learn more. I'd go so far as to say, an adult would enjoy the book as well.
I received this book in exchange for a fair review.
(Posted on 9/28/2016)
Review by Penny
Overall Rating
The “NIrV Love Letters from God Holy Bible” was sent to me by Zonderkidz - a division of Zondervan Publishing – free of charge, in exchange for my honest and not coerced review.
There are “love letters from God”, throughout, written by Glenys Nellist. They are written to, I would say, about a middle school age… Though, one I read was about letting go of fear by putting it in your hand, closing your hand around it, then opening your hand and letting it go – imagining God holding your hand in His. I’ve been scared about an illness I’m dealing with, and this spoke to me! Included with each letter is a Scripture to go along with it. And, I love the way it has a place to “Write Back” to God.
There are also maps and other colorful inserts. One of my favorites is “The ABC’s of Christianity” (or, I would say, SALVATION) – Admit, Believe, Confess. Another, is “How to Pray”, explaining the basics of prayer. And then, at the end, is a dictionary and a place for notes. Of course, the Scripture is written with words that are easier to read.
I love this Bible, and I believe your youngsters will, as well. I recommend it!
(Posted on 9/17/2016)
Review by Jalynn
Overall Rating
I have read and reviewed several books from the "Love Letters from God" series. The author, Glenys Nellist is brilliant with her words and thoughts. She can really convey God's feelings to His children really well, so her books are a masterpiece. They can really uplift and encourage you. It doesn't really surprise me that now she has put out a Bible with reference to her "Love Letters" series.

One thing that maybe a little unusual is that the author throughout the length of the Bible, suggests writing back to God on different items. Journaling would be a good thing to go along with this idea. so not only do you get the love letters themed pages throughout the text you also get small little devotional excerpts, too. Each one of the intermission type pages guides through what we have read or will read.

The author has done her best to continue what she started in the series and I think that it is a great Bible and would be great to give away this Christmas. Retails for $27.99 and is geared for 6-10 year old.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. (Posted on 9/16/2016)

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