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Hebrew for the Rest of Us Video Lectures

Using Hebrew Tools without Mastering Biblical Hebrew

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Quick Overview:

Hebrew for the Rest of Us Video Lectures—a companion to the textbook Hebrew for the Rest of Us by Lee M. Fields—features 21 lessons (on 3 DVDs) and equips English-only readers with just enough Hebrew to work with the Old Testament in its original language and to make sense of commentaries and other study resources that use Hebrew.

The Hebrew for the Rest of Us Video Lectures features 21 lessons (on 3 DVDs), each corresponding to a chapter in the accompanying textbook Hebrew for the Rest of Us by Hebrew scholar and teacher Lee M. Fields.

The lectures offer an engaging and accessible introduction for English-only readers that will help you learn the essentials of biblical Hebrew so you can better understand the language of the Old Testament. The lectures will teach you how to:

  • Recite the Hebrew alphabet
  • Read and pronounce Hebrew words
  • Learn the Hebrew noun and verbal system
  • Conduct effective Hebrew word studies
  • Decipher why translations are different
  • Read better commentaries Understand the information displayed by Bible software

The Hebrew for the Rest of Us Video Lectures are designed with the learner in mind; each lecture is approximately 20 minutes in length. These lectures are an indispensable resource that will help you gain a sound knowledge of basic Hebrew so you can learn how to use tools that will add muscle to your Bible studies.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - It Doesn't Look Like Greek to Me: The Hebrew Alphabet (32 min)

2 - Whose Language is Dead?: The History of Hebrew (26 min)

3 - Get the Point?: The Hebrew Vowels (26 min)

4 - Canon, Text, and Versions (23 min)

5 - Getting to the Root of the Matter: Hebrew Word Roots (24 min)

6 - "Yes, Virginia, There Are ... Clauses" (13 min)

7 - Wow!: The Conjunction Waw and Friends (27 min)

8 - Prepositions Come Before (11 min)

9 - What's in a Name?: Overview of Nominals (9 min)

10 - Be Sure You Read This!: The Article (14 min)

11 - A Tale of Two States: Case Functions (32 min)

12 - An Apt Description: Adjectives (25 min)

13 - Where the Action Is: Overview of Verbs (23 min)

14 - When the Perfect Comes: Perfect Forms (19 min)

15 - There's Nothing Wrong with ... Imperfect Forms (14 min)

16 - Where There's a Will, There Are ... Volitional Forms (17 min)

17 - To Infinitives and Beyond!: Infinitives and Participles (16 min)

18 - What Do You Mean?: Hebrew Word Studies (31 min)

19 - Tools of the Trade: Books in Paper and Electronic Form (6 min)

20 - If It's Not Poetry, It's ... Hebrew Prose (20 min)

21 - It May Not Rhyme, But It's Still ... Hebrew Poetry (20 min)

Contributor(s) Lee M. Fields
About the Contributor(s) Lee M. Fields

Lee M. Fields is a trained Hebrew scholar with a PhD from Hebrew Union College. He is Professor of Bible and Theology at Mid-Atlantic Christian University (formerly Roanoke Bible College),  in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

UPC 025986535582
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Publish Date Jan 24, 2017
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Length 07:30:00
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Publisher Zondervan
Price $74.99
Format DVD Video
Language English

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