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NIrV, Kids' Quest Study Bible, Hardcover

Answers to over 500 Questions about the Bible
Format: Hardcover

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

The NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible answers over 500 questions children ask about the Bible, about their world, and about God. It speaks their language and answers their questions in a way they can understand.



How come people lived so long back then? Why did God allow the flood? Is Jesus real?

Kids have LOTS of questions about the Bible and God. The NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible is a great resource for kids eager to learn more.

Features include:

  • Over 500 questions and answers for kids
  • Book introductions help explain what each book of the Bible is about
  • A dictionary and subject guide help kids find what they’re looking for
  • Fresh, colorful design makes the Bible fun to look at and use
  • The complete NIrV translation, the steppingstone to the NIV!

Isn’t it exciting to discover the world, ask how things work, and learn about God and the Bible? With a bright, colorful design, reading and using the Bible is fun.

UPC 025986744854
ISBN-10 0310744857
ISBN-13 9780310744856
Publish Date Apr 19, 2016
Weight (lbs) 2.3800
Height 8.90
Width 5.63
Length 1632
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zonderkidz
Price $29.99
Format Hardcover
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Fitzysmom
Overall Rating
Kids and questions just seem to go hand in hand. Being curious and asking questions is a natural part of learning. It's a good thing and one that we all want to encourage in our kids. But what do you do with all of those questions?

One way to handle them is to just answer the question outright. Another way is to show our children how to find the answers for themselves. I personally like the second option. Teaching children how to research an answer gives them lifelong skills that will give them sound discernment especially if they are researching from a trusted resource.

I believe that trusted source for answers is the Bible. The new Kids' Quest Study Bible is great for those curious minded kiddos. Throughout the book there are real questions from kids with follow-up commentary and Scripture references that allow the child to read and research for themselves the correct answer.

This Bible uses the NIrV translation which is targeted at a third-grade reading level. I like this because it allows younger children that have yet to acquire advanced reading skills to understand what they are reading. This particular translation is also great for those who use English as their second language.

If you are looking for a Bible for one of your children you certainly can't go wrong with this particular edition.

I received a copy of this Bible to facilitate my review. (Posted on 7/12/2016)
Review by Praises of a Wife and Mommy
Overall Rating
Do you have a child that likes to ask a lot of questions? This Bible has 500 questions with great answers inside it! I know many parents can get overwhelmed with the questions but if you are like me then you want to make sure your answers are correct and you want your kids to freely ask these important faith based questions and teach them to continue to question and seek answers! These questions are scattered throughout the book so kids will have to keep turning pages to find more. Yes, some might just page through to read the questions but even if they do that they will be learning a lot of information.

The cover of the book even has a big question mark on it and calls the Bible a quest! It makes jumping in to read it even more exciting!

This bible retails for $29.99 and from Zondervan. The translation is NIrV which I believe is one that is much easier for children to understand. (Posted on 6/5/2016)
Review by Dianna
Overall Rating
This is a great Bible for beginning readers. The NIrV is an easy to read version for younger kids to understand so they can read the Bible on their own. It's got a colorful layout. And the font is your standard 8 point font.

The questions are spread throughout the Bible along with the answers and scripture references you can look up to go along with the answers. The dictionary will be very useful for your child and so will the topical index. Especially if they want to search for a specific topic. It tells them where to find that specific topic by page numbers. And for kids, using page numbers makes a bit more sense to them.

This is not loaded down with a tone of "extras" that you might find in an adult or teen Bible which keeps it from being overwhelming for kids.

Overall I think its a good Bible for kids 6-10. (Posted on 5/3/2016)
Review by samantha
Overall Rating
Kids always have a lot of questions about the Bible and God. Mine can randomly ask a question any time throughout the day about the Bible or God. That's one reason we have really been enjoying the NIrV Kid's Quest Study Bible. This Bible is AMAZING!

The NIrV Kids' Quest Study bible is filled with over 500 questions and answers for kids. And with this being an NIrV, it's written at a third-grade reading level, so it's easy to read and understand. I was first introduced to NIrV a few years back and quickly fell in love with this style when it comes to teaching kids and helping them understand the Bible easier.

At the beginning of each book, you get a brief introduction.
• Who wrote the book?
• Why was it written?
• What happens in this book?
• What do we learn about God in this book?
• Who is important in this book?
• When did this happen?

We love going over these and once again, it's written in a way so that the kids can understand.

Also, the addition of the dictionary as well as the subject guide is fantastic for helping kids find exactly what they are looking for.

Throughout this Bible, you'll find kids' questions. These are questions that have been asks by kids and they do include an answer.

Some questions you might find in the book are:
"Why Can't I have all the things I want?"
"Why do people sin when they know it's wrong?"
"How did Noah build a boat that was so big?"
"Can angels appear as people?"

Without a doubt, I believe out of all four of my kids, I have been asked these questions. Kids are curious and this Bible is great when it comes to giving them the explanation they may need.

This Bible also has Quest Challenges to help your child apply the Bible's teachings to their own life by pointing to scripture.
Each Quest Challenges has the following:
• I wonder...
• Real Life Challenge
• Quest Clue

All in all, I highly recommend this Bible. My third-grader loves it.

**I was sent a copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest opinion (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Review by Jalynn
Overall Rating
When I was a little girl my sister would ask me if I was going to write a book because I was always asking questions. And even as an adult I am very detail oriented. I just wish they would've had this Bible when I was a kid. It is a great Bible for those children that need to know the how and why behind things and Bible stories are no exception. It is neat knowing some answers to those long awaited questions behind many of the people we read about.

In the NIrV, Kids' Quest Study Bible, Hardcover: Answers to over 500 Questions about the Bible has the answers to over 500 questions that most children ask about while reading the Bible. It is in great readable kid-friendly form. I like that the print is in blue and orange ink. This Bible has tons to offer children! Ages 6-10.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. (Posted on 4/15/2016)
Review by Penny
Overall Rating
The “NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible” was sent to me by Zonderkidz – a division of Zondervan Publishing – free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
First of all, the NIrV is patterned after the NIV, but much easier to read. Each book begins with “Who wrote this book?”, “Why was this book written?”, “What happens in this book?”, “What do we learn about God in this book?” “Who is important in this book?”, and, “When did this happen?”…all questions to familiarize and prepare you to understand what you are about to read. I also like that there are “Kid’s Questions” and “Quest Challenges”. For example, the last “Kid’s Question” at the end of Revelation is, “Why can’t we put new books into the Bible?” Also, included after Revelation is a dictionary and a topical index…help when studying God’s Word.
I do like this Bible and would recommend it for young to older teens.
(Posted on 4/14/2016)

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